Character creation

For this game, we’re looking for specific adventurers by race and background.


In order to create your character you must first pick a class. In adventurers fall into groups: Mage, Rogue, Warrior Scholar Class Setup Scholar.
You can also be adept or non adept. Adepts are gifted with magic either as a mage or an adept rogue, scholar or warrior. these characters have access to spells or abilities not available to non adepts however there is a downside.


A specialization is another way to customize your character and focus your class. If you say your character is a warrior, that’s a broad statement. If you say that your character is a Witch Hunter, that says a lot more about him.





Then you must decide on a race and a background. For this game there is a specific set of backgrounds:

Example of Careful Character Planning

Careful Party Planning

You need is a balanced group where at least one member can cover one of these key things. Things to worry about-generally speaking, every day things-this should be balanced within the party:
1. Silver tongue-you need persuasion to talk nicely with people
2. intimidation-you might need to bully some toughs once in a while
3. traps-you will encounter them
4. lock picking-you will encounter locks
5. healing-you will get injured
6. various forms of athletic prowess-climbing, acrobatics, jumping, swimming, running, riding, driving
7. various forms of mental fortitude-courage, self-discipline, faith
8. various forms of lore-understanding the different cultures in and around Ferelden would be helpful as you will meet several

Character creation

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